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CloveKonnect is a top-quality carrier-grade class 4 softswitch solution that fits in VoIP networks of any scale.
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Features To Help Businesses And
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*Clients need to purchase channel licenses separately to use the G729 codec.

Simplify VoIP billing Process with
CloveKonnect Web Application


Standalone / Distributed Architecture

Depending on the call volume, clients can choose to deploy the softswitch as per the standalone or the distributed architecture at the time of development.

Remote Access

Being a completely remote solution, you can access the VoIP softswitch from anywhere. Simply log in to the web portal and start using the CloveKonnect.
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Dashboard - CloveKonnect | Class 4 Softswitch

Reduce Costs

Our intelligent call management and routing mechanism allow incoming/outgoing calls to be automatically routed through the least expensive routes to bring down costs.

Completely Secure

Backed up by the latest in VoIP security, softswitch empowers your team to have a reliable communication process and enjoy ease in day-to-day operations and management.

Real World Application


Technologies Used in CloveKonnect

Web Service
VoIP Framework

CloveKonnect FAQs

  • CloveKonnect is a cutting-edge VoIP billing solution designed to simplify complex billing systems for businesses. Engineered to manage large volumes of inbound and outbound calls, it supports both postpaid and prepaid billing based on assigned plans.
  • Its primary function is to simplify tasks such as managing, reporting, invoicing, and payment processing.  It efficiently routes calls to both national and international destinations while adapting the billing structure accordingly. This translates to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction for your business.
  • Yes, CloveKonnect is equipped with LCR functionality for termination bill plans. This feature automatically routes calls through the most cost-effective path available, ensuring you get the best rates for your calls.
  • CloveKonnect currently offers partial reseller functionality. You can define your buy rates and sell rates for termination plans, allowing you to manage your margins and offer VoIP services to your own customers. While a dedicated reseller portal is not available at this time, the current functionality provides a foundation for reselling services
  • Yes, CloveKonnect generates customer invoices based on their billing, including tax. Additionally, we can white-label the invoices with your brand logo for a personalized touch.
  • CloveKonnect prioritizes uptime with a failover mechanism to ensure uninterrupted service. To achieve high availability, you can purchase multiple licenses. These licenses would be deployed in separate data centers, ensuring seamless service even if one data center experiences an outage.

CloveKonnect offers a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of your VoIP business. These include:

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) for optimal call pricing
  • Multi-codec support
  • SMS and SMS API support for integrated messaging capabilities
  • Rate plan management for flexible pricing structures
  • Integrated payment gateway(Paypal/Stripe) for seamless transactions
  • Additional minutes (Top-Up) functionality for convenient top-ups
  • Advanced dashboard and reports for insightful data visualization
  • Yes, CloveKonnect can be integrated with any CRM upon client request. However, this will require additional customization and development work.

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